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Quit Blogging for Free!!

Quit Blogging for Free!!

I apologize in advance if anybody finds this post offensive. I was once one of those bloggers that would do things for free/product/exposure/etc. While I don’t disagree with doing those things entirely, I have to say, Quit Blogging for Free!!

Quit Blogging for Free by Life as a Convert #knowyourworth

I get emails all the time asking if I will publish a post to my blog because “my readers will find it fascinating!“. Sometimes the posts are pre-written. Other times, these individuals are asking me to write the content myself. If it is something I am truly interested in, I will reply with my rate and state that I look forward to working with them.

Their response?

I’m not working with a budget.” or “We will tweet your content.

Guess what, guys? A tweet won’t pay my bills! I kindly tell them that while I appreciate their offer, I can’t work for free (a tweet won’t pay my bills) and am sure they understand. They tend to get the point pretty quick after that. I can only imagine they move on to the other bloggers they emailed.

Know Your Worth:

I am writing this post because I want to encourage fellow bloggers to stand up for yourself. Know your worth! And QUIT BLOGGING FOR FREE!! These kinds of emails are still happening because so many bloggers are accepting these pitches and blogging for free.

If you are truly interested in a product and/or it is something you use and think your audience will like, then by all means, go for it, but don’t think that you are only worth a product or tweet. Do you see Wal-Mart or Target employee’s working for social media mentions? I don’t think so!

The average rate for a sponsored blog post is $150. A social media push? $25.

Don’t be afraid to state your rate and say “No” when somebody is not willing to meet it. Don’t lower your rate for somebody’s budget. If they truly understood the value of your work and the influence you have, they would be more than willing to pay your rate. As bloggers continue working for free, these companies will continue asking for free work. So, bloggers I beg you: quit blogging for free!

Quit Blogging for Free

A Small Way to Give Big – Pop Tabs!


What would you say if I told you that by simply saving your pop tabs you could help a family stay with their sick child near the hospital?

It’s true! 

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas accepts donations of pop tabs, recycles them for money, and then puts that money back into the Ronald McDonald House. Every year they host Pop Tab Pandemonium in which schools compete to become the winner and claim the trophy. It is during this time that they receive the most donations, but you can donate anytime!

Ronald McDonald House Charities Pop Tab Donations - Little Rock Arkansas

I spoke with Ernie, who plays a major role in dealing with the pop tabs received and he was able to answer some of my questions and give me a little more information on the pop tabs received.

During Pop Tab Pandemonium RMHC receives an average of 8,000 to 10,000 pounds of pop tabs. Each school that participates brings an average of 100 pounds of pop tabs to the event. In other months, RMHC averages 600-800 pounds of tabs per month.

Despite what some popular rumors may say, RMHC is not given special treatment during recycling and the pop tabs are not used in exchange for treatment. RMHC is given the going recycling rate which is usually around 40 cents per pound. Based on the averages above, this means that the local communities are donating approximately $3,500 during Pop Tab Pandemonium and approximately $280 every month.

My son, Losh, recently held his own Pop Tab drive for RMHC and collected a bag and a house* full of tabs from friends and family in our small community.

pop tabs for ronald mcdonald house charities rmhc

A few interesting tidbits about RMHC and donating Pop Tabs:

  • They collect only the pop tabs because the cans are messy and take up more space.
  • They prefer donations in containers that are easy to empty inside a large plastic bag.
  • Anybody can collect and donate pop tabs.
  • If you drop off your tabs personally, you can get a tour of the Ronald McDonald House.

You can drop off your donations any day between 8am and 10pm at the Ronald McDonald House in Little Rock. Their address is 1009 Wolfe St, Little Rock.
*Call 501-374-1956 and ask for a cardboard house to hold your pop tabs.

Do you recycle pop tabs or soda cans?

Cheesy Reward – McDonald’s Cheesesticks

McDonald’s Cheesesticks


Remember that reward chart I posted about? Well, the idea was within 10 days my kids could get a reward, but it took slightly longer than that. By slightly longer, I mean it took WEEKS for them to fulfill the chart requirements. Yep, sometimes parenting is a blast! 

My kids were majorly excited when they could finally pick their treats. (I was just as excited that they behaved long enough to get 10 ice cream cones colored in! It has been one of THOSE summers.) They ALL chose the mozzarella dippers aka McDonald’s Cheesesticks.  Unfortunately, they devoured them before I could take my own pictures, so this image from the McDonald’s website will have to suffice.

McDonald's Cheesesticks - A Perfect Reward

Source: McDonald’s

These are my kid’s favorite cheese sticks EVER. The bread crumb coated mozzarella cheese sticks come 3 to a package and are served with a marinara dipping sauce. The taste is a mix of savory and sweet with a hint of Italian herbs. The cheesy stretch is perfection. Plus, the price of $1.19 for 3 cheese sticks means it won’t break the bank.

You can see the nutritional information below:

McDonald's Cheesesticks - Nutritional Information

Source: McDonald’s UK

If you printed the reward chart, have your children received their reward yet?
I’m hoping this next one goes MUCH quicker! I want to reward myself with some more of these!

Have you tried the new McDonald’s Cheesesticks?
If you haven’t – they are amazing!

Arkansas Homeschool Basics – Free Printable

Arkansas Homeschool Basics

When I was putting together my homeschool planner I wanted to include a one page printable of the basic Arkansas homeschool requirements. Everything I found was no less than two pages, and being so nit-picky, that just wasn’t working for me. I decided I would make my own. I present to you the Arkansas Homeschool Basics:

These are the basic laws, rules, and requirements for homeschooling in Arkansas:

arkansas homeschool basics
Arkansas Homeschool Basics DOWNLOAD

Please keep in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of all Arkansas homeschool rules and laws. These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding homeschooling in Arkansas, and best of all, it fits on one page! Included on this printable are the educator requirements, attendance requirements, curriculum requirements, HSLDA and The Education Alliance contact information and more.

Do you have a homeschool planner?
I do. I am planning on using this in my 2015-2016 homeschool planner. 

If you don’t homeschool do you think this would come in handy for those that do?