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Free Stationery Pages with Scripture Verses

Free Stationery Pages w/ Scripture verses

I love writing in journals and using stationery pages to write letters. Sometimes I like sending a short note to somebody to let them know that I am thinking of them. Doing so on a pretty decorated page adds more meaning. I have picked out some of my favorite verses – and quotes for you that are non-Religious – and added them onto these free stationery pages. Feel free to download and print them for your own personal use. I have included them in one ZIP file to make it easier.


1 nephi 9-6 stationary free printable
2 nephi 2-25 lds stationary printable free
3 nephi 22-13 ldd free printable stationary scripture copy
alma 36-3 ldd free stationary printable
dandc 101-36 stationary free printable
ether 12-4 stationary page printable free
joshua 24-15 stationary printable free
stationary page matthew 6-33 note printable free



FREE Daily Life Planner (2015 AND 2016) Printable

FREE Daily Life Planner

After I completed my Homeschool Planner, I began working on my 2016 daily life planner. I knew from the beginning of last year that it was something I wanted to do – so I could customize it to my own liking – and I am glad I did. I sketched out the layout and how I wanted everything to look. I finished in just over a month by working on it off and on. I was so excited I decided to go ahead and finish out the 2015 year too!  Let me tell you what I did and WHY.

Each day has its own page. Along the left hand side is your SCHEDULE. It is broken into two halves, for the AM and PM. Because everybody’s day doesn’t begin at the same time, I chose not to add times. On the right hand side at the top is a NOTES section. Directly below that is a MENU and TODO area. I think those are all pretty self explanatory.
Below these is a section named REFLECTIONS. This is intended to be used to write down scriptures, quotes, or other feel-good things that have happened during the day. Here, you can also share your mood through the day, or anything worth remembering.
And finally, the pictures at the bottom can be used anyway you like, however I created them with a specific purpose in mind. The heart is for tracking exercise. On the days that you exercise, you will color in the heart. The water drops beside that are to be colored in as you meet your daily water intake requirements. Because my water container holds enough for each 1 fill-up to count as 2 glasses, I only added 4 drops. The next picture is a book and is to track scripture reading and devotions. The last one is a syringe. This one is to help remind you to take your medicine (supplements, vitamins, etc).
Your needs may be different than mine, so feel free to use these anyway you see fit.

There are some slight differences between the 2015 and 2016 versions, however the layout remains the same.

FREE DAILY LIFE PLANNER - 2015, 2016, and undated versions


I am offering the 2015 printable AS-IS. Here is why: I was adding a pop of color to each page. Instead of the yellow, pink, and blue theme that you will see with the 2016 version, I was alternating with random colors.. It got to be a little tedious and I was ready to just get it done with and start using it, so the last two months only have a pop of color at the top. The 2015 planner begins July 27th, 2015 and ends December 31st, 2015.

2015 daily life planner free printable dated



The 2016 planner has a pop of yellow, pink, and blue alternating on each page. This theme continues through the entire planner. The date begins on December 28th, 2015 and runs through January 7th, 2017.

daily planner sheets free 2016 printable


For those that do not want the planners dated, I also have the blank versions in black and white ONLY. These are only labeled with the days of the week allowing you to date these and decorate them any way you like. Think about all the endless possibilities with stickers and washi tape!

undated black and white blank planner pages


Do you have a daily life planner? 
Do you prefer a single page for each day, or multiple days on one page? 

DIY Homeschool Planner – Free Printables

DIY Homeschool Planner – Free Printables

Hey guys! As some of you know, I have been busy working on my DIY homeschool planner worksheets. You may be happy to hear that I am finished with my homeschool planner for the 2015-2016 year. I recorded a video of my finished planner and will include that in this post as soon as I get it up on youtube, but in the meantime here are links to all of the homeschool planner pages that I have available. They are free to download and use for personal use. Please do not upload these to your website, instead share this link. Some of these are dated 2015-2016, but I also included undated options so they may be used after that as well! There are different options available for nearly every printable below. There are color and black and white options too.

diy homeschool planner free printable worksheets

Homeschool Planner Printables:

Cover Pages  (different designs available)
Motto and Vision Statement (available soon)
2015-2016 Year at a Glance (a 2016 calendar is available too)
Attendance Records (available for single or multiple children)
Arkansas Homeschool Basic laws and regulations 
August – July 2015-2016 Monthly Calendar (A 2016 calendar is available as well as a blank monthly calendar)
Unit Study Planner
Weekly Schedule (one or two page style layouts available – portrait and landscape)
Reading Logs 

As soon as I get the final worksheets uploaded I will be hosting a giveaway for a free planner. The winner will get to customize how they want it by choosing which sheets they would like! Don’t forget to check back soon so you can enter. Feel free to share this post with others.

Have you ever created your own planner? 
Do you ever use online printables? 

Printable Reading Log (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Printable Reading Log

I know I am going crazy with sharing printables, but there is a purpose behind it! I am gearing up for the 2015-2016 year and am creating my OWN worksheets for my planner. While I enjoyed the ones that others shared, I always felt like I wished some of them were different. There were a few that I did like last year just as they were – the reading log being one – but in the theme of making my entire curriculum planner out of worksheets that I have created myself, I am creating my own.

This one is a basic reading log. I like to keep track of what my children read for projects (fun books don’t count!). Each child has their own reading log. I keep these at the back of my planner. Since I did like the one I used last year, I made this one somewhat similar, but did change up a few things to make it more my own and better for my needs.

Hopefully this will be useful to some of you too!

printable reading log free homeschool download

Feel free to share this with your friends!