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BLUE HAIR REVEAL!!! I dyed my hair blue

BLUE HAIR REVEAL!!! I dyed my hair blue

You must have read the title to be reading this.. In case you didn’t, let me re-state it for you. I have blue hair now.. Yes..


BLUE! I know some of you have already seen it on my Facebook page, but this occasion deserves an entire blog post. Plus, I wanted to tell you guys how I did it by myself.

How to remove boxed hair dye and dye your hair blue - Blue Hair Reveal by LifeAsAConvert

My hair is naturally dark (black!) but as I am getting older, I am getting gray hairs. Gross! I normally just get a box of black hair dye and cover my whole head. It works out nicely because I like the extra shine that the boxed dyes give my otherwise dull hair.

The only downfall to using dark boxed dyes is removing them in order to dye my hair lighter colors. It took about a week from start to finish for me to lighten and then dye my hair. I apologize in advance for the amount of selfies and pictures this post contains, but it was the only way to show my blue hair transformation.

Here’s my before. It had been a few months since I last covered my gray hairs and my new growth was about 2 inches.

Before dying my hair BLUE

I picked up a bucket of bleach powder and some 30 developer from Sally’s. I assumed that because it had been a while since I dyed my hair that a lot of the boxed dye was no longer there.. I was wrong! When they say “permanent”, they mean it.


After getting all my supplies ready, I applied the first bleach. I wiped away some of the excess bleach around my hairline and ended up wiping it off of some of my hair. Ooops! Since it took me a while to apply the bleach, I didn’t let it sit on too long. Looking back, I probably could have applied it faster, let it sit longer, and only had to bleach once.

Applying bleach to naturally dark hair

And this is what it looked like after blow drying it. It was still quite dark. My intention was to dye it a dark blue, which probably would have covered it at this stage, but I wanted to go a little lighter first.

Dry after the first bleach

So, I waited a few days, wore head covers to hide my “white trash blonde” hair, then bleached it again.

[Tweet “Hair tip: If you have previously used boxed dye, then you should begin with a color remover instead of jumping right into the bleach!” via @LifeAsAConvert]

After the second bleach


To take away some of the “yellow” I toned it by using some purple shampoo…Turns out that toning it made it slightly darker. I probably would have been fine to skip the toning step.

After toning hair


The blue hair dye I chose was a semi-permanent shade of blue by Ion called “Sky Blue”. I liked the shade on the hair swatches in the store, but after doing a google search, I didn’t like how bright it was on actual users. I decided to darken it up by adding Purple. I let it sit on my hair for about 4 hours before washing the excess dye away and this is how my blue hair turned out.

Blue hair reveal: 

BLUE HAIR - Natural color black hair

I gotta say, I am pleased with how it turned out. Since this picture, the extra dye has washed out of my scalp and away from my skin. My roots are definitely “brighter” than the rest of my hair, but I think it meshes well with the bottom which is a mixed shade of blue/green/purple. I was scared that a super bright would make my skin tone look funny.

The experience of doing it myself was a mix of emotions from fun to terrifying. I was fearful that I was going to fry my whole hair, but, it’s just hair! I figured if I didn’t like the color that I could just slap some more dark dye over it to cover it.

I hear that this dye fades in about 6 weeks or so and starts fading to a green color! Yikes! I convinced myself that I didn’t want green hair… but the more I think about it, the more I may go with a (mermaid) green once the blue starts fading. I probably will not be re-bleaching… I haven’t decided if I will use (or need to use) a color remover first. I guess it depends on how fast and how much it fades.

And… if having blue hair isn’t interesting enough, here are some ABC’s of me. I was tagged to do it on Facebook, but would rather post it here:

A- Age: 30
B- Biggest fear: Being a bad mother
C- Current time:  9:09pm
D- Drink you last had: Iced Coffee
E- Every day starts with: Coffee
F- Favorite song: Christmas tunes
G- Ghosts, are they real?: Yes
H- Hometown: Palmdale, California
I- In love with: Jesus
J- Jealous of:
K- Killed someone?: No
L- Last time you cried? A few days ago
M- Middle name: (secret)
N- Number of siblings: 6
O- One wish: To have infinite wishes
P- Person you last called: Mom
Q- Question you’re always asked: “How do you do it??”
R- Reason to smile: Children’s laughter
S- Song last sang: Three Little Speckled Frogs
T- Time you woke up: Late!
U- Underwear color: Pink/White
Vacation destination: Somewhere tropical
W- Worst habit: Tetris Trash
Y- Your favorite food: Anything sweet or Pasta
X- X-Rays you’ve had: Hand, Chest, Who knows what else?
Z- Zodiac sign: Cancer

Have you ever dyed your hair a non-natural color?
Except for covering grays, I have only dyed my hair once and that was in the 8th grade.

If you haven’t, what color would you dye it if you could dye it any color?
 I kind of want green next… and then pink and then a really bright purple.. but I may be going too far. A part of me feels too old for even blue hair. But YOLO, right? 

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