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4-H Bingo Cards (Download for FREE)

4-H Bingo Cards

I have posted before that Losh is the Recreation Leader for our 4-H club’s Junior/Senior members. This means that he is in charge of planning a game or activity for the kids during our monthly meetings. That also translates to *ME* planning a game/activity because If I left it up to him, he would chose the same exact thing every single time. I mean, there is nothing wrong with UNO, but I bet the kids would enjoy other things too! ;)

I’ve been wanting to do Bingo for a while now, but instead of just regular ole’ BINGO, I wanted to make a 4-H Bingo game. I chose some of the most common words that come up in our meetings and used them for my 4-H Bingo Cards. Keep in mind that the most common words used in your club may be different than mine.

The PDF contains 20 4-H bingo cards as well as the word list. Each card is 4×4 for a quicker game. I recommend printing two copies if you have a larger 4-H group, but keep in mind you may also have multiple winners. Beans or seeds make great markers!

Feel free to download them below:

4-H Bingo Cards - Download and Print these FREE 4-H Bingo Cards for your next club meeting(4-H BINGO)

When is the last time you played BINGO? 
My kids love it and we play regularly as part of our school work. It helps my little ones with fine motor skills (picking up the chips or beans) and number recognition.  

Free Stationery Pages with Scripture Verses

Free Stationery Pages w/ Scripture verses

I love writing in journals and using stationery pages to write letters. Sometimes I like sending a short note to somebody to let them know that I am thinking of them. Doing so on a pretty decorated page adds more meaning. I have picked out some of my favorite verses – and quotes for you that are non-Religious – and added them onto these free stationery pages. Feel free to download and print them for your own personal use. I have included them in one ZIP file to make it easier.


1 nephi 9-6 stationary free printable
2 nephi 2-25 lds stationary printable free
3 nephi 22-13 ldd free printable stationary scripture copy
alma 36-3 ldd free stationary printable
dandc 101-36 stationary free printable
ether 12-4 stationary page printable free
joshua 24-15 stationary printable free
stationary page matthew 6-33 note printable free



First Day of School – Favorite Things Printable

Favorite Things Printable

Every year on the first day of school, I always have the children fill out their “favorite things”. It’s a fun way of seeing how their preferences have changed over the years. The last couple of years we have put them in their journals, which are just composition books, but I have created a printable this year for them. I know some of y’all aren’t religious, so I even created a Non-Religious version too that simply lists “Book” instead of “Bible Story”

Download the Favorite Things Printable below the images:

favorite things printable first day of school


favorite things printable first day of school religious bible story


The shocking thing to me was seeing how similar some of my kid’s answers were from last year. I assumed that they were just writing random things on some of the blanks, but apparently they weren’t.

Do your kids favorite things change as often as mine do?  


Reward Yourself With A Cool McDonald’s Treat – Printable Reward Chart


Printable Ice Cream Reward Chart

Unless you have been living under a rock the last few weeks, then you know how hot it is outside. (BLAZING!!) I don’t know if it is just my kids, but I know when the summertime heat kicks in, they get a little lazy. I created this simple ice cream reward chart to help motivate them to continue working hard during the school break – and to reward their hard work in this heat with a cool treat from McDonald’s.

Chose from either the “Ice Cream Rewards” or “Reward Yourself” version:

ice cream rewards reward charts reward yourself reward chart ice cream rewards



When they have filled in each ice cream cone on their reward chart, they can pick their cool treat from McDonald’s. Here are some of the items they can chose from:

cool mcdonalds treats reward chart


Mozzarella Sticks: These are a new item for Central Arkansas McDonald’s and one of my kid’s favorite snacks. My kids have voted these better than other fast food cheese sticks and my wallet likes the prices too!

Hot Fudge Sundae: Losh is obsessed with their ice cream. Nobody can beat the creamy taste of McDonald’s ice cream and the only thing that makes it better is the hot fudge dripping over it in their sundaes. He always asks for extra nuts.

Ice Cream Cone: Simple and hits the spot. At less than 200 calories a piece, it is something even the grown-ups will love.

Strawberry Smoothie: This is Kaia’s favorite. He is a smoothie lover. The strawberry smoothie from McDonald’s is hands-down the best smoothie. I don’t know what they do, but my attempts to recreate this at home have been met with failure according to Kaia. Only McDonald’s can make it how he likes it.

Apple Pie: The only thing that would make these better is some caramel drizzle. (Can we make that happen McDonald’s?) 230 calories per pie makes it another doable treat for adults.

Cookies: Did somebody say chocolate? McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies are a great treat. There is no way you can only purchase just one of these. We often stop after scouts on Wednesdays to pick up some of these.

ice cream reward chart printable

What is your favorite treat from McDonald’s?