VenturianTale Birthday Party! (Happy Birthday Aybra)

VenturianTale Birthday Party!

Can we just pretend for a moment that it is NOT May and I put this birthday post up months ago? Aybra’s actual birthday was in March. – For her birthday she requested a VenturianTale theme. For those who are not familiar, VenturianTale is a Youtube gaming channel and just so happens to be her favorite one.

VenturianTale Birthday Party Free Printables by Life as a Convert

VenturianTale is a pretty popular channel among kids her age, but like 99.9% of other Youtube channels it doesn’t have party decorations available. Bummer, right?

Nah! No problem!

I made Aybra’s decorations. Luckily for me their logo is pretty basic and the colors are common. (blue background, red triangle, yellow “V”).

I could not find an image of their logo that was suitable for my needs, so I made my own copycat version of their logo. This was the foundation for all other decorations.

VenturianTale Birthday Party Free Printables by Life as a Convert(Download)

I used various sizes of this image on top of a blue table cloth as confetti. I made and printed everything last minute, so I didn’t have time to do this, but wanted to add some of them to red cups.

The menu was surprisingly difficult to figure out. VenturianTale is composed of 4 different kids (Jordan, Isaac, Ciera, and Bethany). Their last name is Frye. I knew that we would be having “French Fryes” but I couldn’t decide what else to make with it. I ended up making quite a few different food labels to choose from.

Like other birthdays, I tried to incorporate the theme into the food. I used their names and things unique to their channel to create labels for the food. I served hamburgers, hot dogs, and some sides. Hardly any of the party guests recognized the references, but Aybra was happy with her VenturianTale Birthday and that is all that matters.

VenturianTale Birthday Party Food Menu Printables

Her grandpa made her cake and I did my best to decorate it. It definitely tasted better than it looked! I also made her birthday banner (link to download at the bottom of this post) but probably could have printed it out at 50% of its original size and/or figured out a way to get two images on one page. It ended up being quite large, but still fine. I saved it to re-use for Losh’s party coming up soon.

Aybra only asked for Five Nights at Freddy’s plushies. From the time I put them on my Amazon wish list to the time I ordered, the price went up significantly, so she ended up getting only one from me (Foxy). My sister bought her Freddy and she has been carrying one with her all the time. She got plenty of other presents and didn’t seem to mind that she had to wait for the rest of the collection. I think this VenturianTale Birthday party scored right on par with her puppy birthday party from last year.

Aybra's 8th Birthday Party - VenturianTale Birthday Party

I did take quite a few pictures, but apparently not of the other decorations or food! This happened to be a large party compared to our normal parties, and I was quite distracted. (I usually try to get pictures before the guests arrive, but the food was being grilled and wasn’t ready until after many people were there)

Prepare for cliche….

“I can’t believe she is 8 years old”. It really does seem like just a moment ago she was a tiny baby in the NICU, and now here she is half-way grown! I’m so blessed to have her in my life. She has never been a girly girl, but with the age 8 came a slight change in her. She has a sudden interest in some girly things and I couldn’t be happier! Losh’s party is coming up next and he is still undecided, but leaning towards Batman for a theme.  Guess I better prepare for that!

Do you have any cute Batman party ideas? 

Do your kids watch VenturianTale?


Birthday Banner:

Blue and Yellow Printable Birthday Banner

Food/Menu Labels, Blank label, Small logo, etc:

Food/Menu Labels and other Party Printables

Copycat Logo:

Copycat Logo

21 thoughts on “VenturianTale Birthday Party! (Happy Birthday Aybra)

  1. Stacy Kripas

    My kids watch Venturian tale and they’re love it. I like the idea of batman theme party too.

  2. Elizabeth O.

    I’ve never heard of this channel before, but from what I read, I’m sure a lot of kids love it. You did an awesome job with the decorations and the cake looks good, I promise. I hope you all had a great time!

  3. Lynz

    that is so creative. I have never heard of the channel but you did it huge justice! it looks like everyone had a great time, which is the important thing :)

  4. Melisa

    Very creative! When supplies aren’t available, most people would move on to something else. Good for, for creating what you needed instead. That is love.

  5. T. Michelle

    You did a great job with the party decorations. I’m not familiar with Venturian tale but everything matches to a tee. I’m sure Abrya enjoyed it!

  6. marianne

    You are one nice mamma to go to all of that effort for your sweet girl. I have had birthdays with my boys where we went all out and others where we outsourced and had the party at the local pool. Either way, they seem to love it, so I find my poor youngest child getting shortchanged in terms of homemade decorations etc. because it is so much easier to just pay to have a party somewhere else.

  7. Kristin

    I am so glad she loved her party and how you personalized it just for her. I have never heard of Venturing Tail before or Five Nights at Freddy’s plush but both look really nice.

  8. Angie

    That is so cute! I haven’t put together a good themed birthday party in so long-I really need to. They’re such a blast all around!

  9. Lori Felix

    I attended a Batman themed party where they had all the children make Batman style masks. It was a cute project that kept the kids busy while at the party and gave them a party favor to take home to play with another day.


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