You know you are a special needs parent if…

I had a lot of down time while I was sick. Enough that I compiled this list in my head and then typed it out later on..

You know you are a special needs parent if:

You prefer the metric system as a form of measurement
You have more friends with special needs children than “normal” children
You have ever social media’d a picture of a pulse ox reading
Your child is above 3 years old and you still carry a diaper bag
Your child is above 3 and they still USE diapers
You are on a first name basis with your local UPS/FEDEX delivery driver because they make such frequent stops at your house.
You have a closet dedicated to storing everything those drivers bring.. and its overflowing
Your child’s siblings are well versed in the medical field
You have ever pulled a syringe/tube/etc out of your purse on accident
You can’t walk down the hall in the hospital without getting stopped by people you know
You can identify the machine/alarm that a particular noise is coming from without even having to look. 
You can wipe bodily functions without being grossed out
You have been inside each room of the ER multiple times
Your child has a mini pharmacy at home
Your child is followed by multiple specialists
You own various medical equipment
You bring medical equipment along with you… EVERYWHERE!
Your electric bill is higher than most people’s because of the medical equipment!
You own, and use, a box of medical gloves
You own, and use, a box of face masks
The smallest of milestones is celebrated
You have a lot of patience
Your child drank/drinks out of a sippy cut/bottle past societys accepted age range
and the obligatory You read this list and agreed with a lot of them

Are you a special needs parent too?

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